School Group Request Form

K–12 School Group Visit Request Form

Escher. The Exhibition & Experience welcomes all school-age learners. We invite you to request either a guided visit led by trained art educators or a self-guided visit, which allows you to lead your own students through the Exhibition. Additionally, you may choose to supplement the visit with a workshop designed to implement the concepts explored during the visit with a hands on project. Please note that appointments are required for all school groups visiting the Exhibition.

All group visits and workshop appointments can be made no less than one week in advance of the requested visit date. A separate form must be submitted for each visit, and we will do our best to accommodate your request(s). However, due to high volume, your visit is not confirmed until you have received a confirmation email from Johanna Guttmann, NY Exhibition Manager -

Before submitting your request, please consult your school's administration and calendar regarding bus maintenance days, testing days, school holidays, and half days. When selecting date and time preferences for your visit, please consider approximate travel time from your school, as well as any guidelines your school may have regarding school bus departure and return times.


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